Miyerkules, Setyembre 7, 2011

i lyk u hehe

one night at the aquintance party  of the CEA  i saw a girl who is quit pretty,cute and illegant 
for me she stand out among the other girls because she was my type. type b sha hahahah
 then  i take a photo of her then she smiles back then (gipagawas iyang dila hahahhaha nanghiwi).
 when she did that i know their's something behind that smile maybe(napilitan sha hahaha ako mang gepogos gud og pa smile ). i also think that maybe  type b is her type but unfortunately i am type z hahahahah (malas naman talaga o hahai buhay talaga parang life) hmmmp..then a few minutes after i take a photo of her i get  a plate and then (alam na kaon daun gutom na hahahahhaah) ,ahm after eating i proceed taking photo.

ahm, a few minutes  the variety show start's and the crowd began.
the variety show is compose of dancing,singing and the highlight of the variety the famous maccho gay

to be continue hahahahaha next year
i hope u enjoy readind godbless <<mwhahahaha <3

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  1. hahaha. pagka! uyyyy.. naa nay gi-iming-imingan si dodong pael! haha :)

    GOD bless you. :)